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  • This form is to pay line item amounts, without having to put in address information and reapeating it in the secure pay form. This is for making an "Express Payment" of Homecoming, Alumni Dues, or other charges, but it does not allow you to include random amounts into the form until you get to the secure payment area. If we don't have update alumni information, please fill out an alumni update. The system has limitations, but it is an improvement in the way we manage events and payments, but it does not allow both payment types on the same page - we have asked our vendor to look at the ability to consolidate these functions and participate in their usability testing.


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  • Homecoming Fees:


    Thank you to all of you who attended Homecoming 2010 - it was a great event and a great time was had by all! The following fees were in effect for Homecoming 2010:

    • $75.00 - Homecoming Assessment for all Alumni
    • $50.00 - Golf Fee at Forest Heights Country Club
    • $25.00 - Per Ticket for Football Tickets
    • $20.00 - Per Person for Steak Dinner


    Theta Kappa Alumni Dues:

    • $150.00 - Black Level - Includes $75 HC Fee
    • $300.00 - White Level - Includes $75 HC Fee plus a $50 Credit for other items
    • $500.00 - Gold Level - Includes $75 HC Fee plus a $100 Credit for other items


    Theta Kappa Alumni Dues are optional and may be paid regardless of whether you attended homecoming or not. Dues are used for operating costs, the house, and if a siginifcant sum is accumulated the overage will be transferred to the scholarship fund.


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