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    We are the Theta Kappa Chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity located at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia. Our Chapter is Chapter #171, was founded on November 17, 1967, colonized on May 6, 1968, and we were formally chartered on May 10, 1970. In 1986, we initiated and reunited a group of our charter members (November 15, 1986) that were not available for our chapter installation in 1970. This single event propelled our alumni organization forward culminating in the construction (1988-89) of our chapter home in 1989 at Homecoming. In 2019 we will celebrate 30 years in the house and in 2020 we will celebrate our 50th Anniversary as a Chapter!


    Sigma Nu Fraternity is a lifelong experience, one that just begins in college. You are welcome to visit this site and our chapter in Statesboro, Georgia to begin to understand who we are. This site is a communications channel for Sigma Nu Fraternity at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro. The site is for its brothers, members, alumni, parents, families, friends, guests, and prospective members.


    If you have questions, suggestions, or would like more information, please email alumni@sigmanugsu.com. We maintain a Facebook group named “Sigma Nu - Georgia Southern - Theta Kappa", which is another aspect of our communications plan. We welcome any suggestions and input.


  • Love – Honor - Truth


    Theta Kappa Mission Statement:


    To develop tomorrow’s ethical leaders and scholars through the guiding principles of Love, Honor, and Truth. To foster lifelong commitment to the Fraternity while promoting the values of brotherhood, leadership, and personal growth. This is the life, the way, and the light of Theta Kappa.


    We will uphold the values and ideals of Sigma Nu, the Theta Kappa Chapter will excel in academics and athletics, use values-based recruiting, and provide a leadership and personal development system that fully prepares its members for all future endeavors. Each member is expected to act with a high sense of Honor and to realize that all actions reflect the Theta Kappa Chapter and Sigma Nu Fraternity as a whole.


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    Please review our "Code of Conduct" and the Conduct Expectations at all fraternal events - click here.