• The Sigma Nu - Theta Kappa House - 103 Olympic Blvd., Statesboro, GA 30458


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  • The Theta Kappa House began construction on June 1, 1988 and was completed in January 1989. We never had a "Ground Breaking" ceremony, we just started the construction of the house - Thetta Kappa style. We had our first alumni meeting in it at Homecoming 1988, while the house was still under construction with plastic sheeting on the walls and windows. We also had a successful fundraiser that day and Roy Fowler, ΘΚ 268, was presented with "Alumnus of the Year". On February 1, 1989, our brothers moved from apartments and "the Lodge", where they had been staying 2-4 people per room and moved into the house. GSU allowed members moving into the house to break dorm room leases. Tom Houlihan, ΘΚ 251, was the first Commander to reside in the house and the downstairs bedroom, which at the time was the Commander's Room.


    The house was dedicated that fall at Homecoming on November 11, 1989. The alumni meeting and ceremony was presided over by then Alumni Commander, Bill Griffin, ΘΚ 25. Just before the dedication, we had our second alumni meeting at the house. A special guest who appeared was then 1st District U.S. Congressman and a Mu Chapter alumnus, Lindsay Thomas.


    This area will be added to over the next few months - I encourage each of you to share stories about the house in the "Forums (House) area" and share your pictures as well. Here is a picture of the House circa 1991-92 and a vision for a future add-on - all of which is here for your enjoyment and information.


  • Theta Kappa House

    Theta Kappa House - circa 1991-1992


  • Theta Kappa House - June 2010

    Best Picture of the Theta Kappa House

    June 27, 2010


  • house_drawing.jpg hampton_hall.jpg scan0100.jpg scan0146.jpg scan0205.jpg bricks___foundation_aug_1988.jpg house8.jpg house10.jpg house7.jpg scan0160.jpg dan_rob_bill_billy_hc_1988.jpg scan0081.jpg house6.jpg badge_on_house.jpg scan0226.jpg house_1989.jpg scan0089.jpg house_charter.jpg house4.jpg parking_spot1.jpg parking_spot2.jpg vision_-_rear_elevation.jpg vision_-_side_elevation.jpg floor_plan_v5.jpg bedroom.jpg house_20100627.jpg fire2.jpg burn3.jpg yell_2.jpg side_elevation_v5.jpg rear_elevation_v5.jpg floor_plan_v4.jpg architecture1.jpg architecture2.jpg exterior_elevation_sketch.jpg floor_plan_20101202.jpg scan0058.jpg full_original_plans_1988_page_01.jpg full_original_plans_1988_page_02.jpg full_original_plans_1988_page_03.jpg full_original_plans_1988_page_04.jpg full_original_plans_1988_page_05.jpg full_original_plans_1988_page_06.jpg full_original_plans_1988_page_07.jpg full_original_plans_1988_page_08.jpg full_original_plans_1988_page_09.jpg full_original_plans_1988_page_10.jpg full_original_plans_1988_page_11.jpg full_original_plans_1988_page_12.jpg full_original_plans_1988_page_13.jpg full_original_plans_1988_page_14.jpg full_original_plans_1988_page_15.jpg full_original_plans_1988_page_16.jpg full_original_plans_1988_page_17.jpg full_original_plans_1988_page_18.jpg full_original_plans_1988_page_19.jpg full_original_plans_1988_page_20.jpg full_original_plans_1988_page_21.jpg picture_122.jpg sigma_nu.jpg