• SigmaNuGSU Tailgating at the RAC


  • Tailgating at GSU dates back to before football - it is a Georgia Southern and Sigma Nu tradition. If you have a tailgate spot or are hosting a tailgate party, either home or away, please let us know and we will post the location, details, publicize it, and post pictures afterwards. Forward the details to alumni@SigmaNuGSU.com and we will take care of it. If you have pictures, we will send you a link to a "Dropbox" location for you to post them to.


    Please note that tailgating is allowed at the Sigma Nu House, but from July 1, 2013 until February 1, 2014 the House & Property is ALCOHOL FREE. No alumni, collegiates, or guests may consume alcohol in the house or on the property. This is NON-NEGOTIABLE, so please assist the chapter in abiding by this requirement.


    The Tailgate Spot at the RAC is Sigma Nu & Family Friendly!


    Tailgate Videos - Just for Fun!


  •  SigmaNuGSU Tailgate Spots at the RAC

     Download information on where we are - click here.

    Find us on Facebook at: Sigma Nu GSU Tailgating Spot.


    SigmaNuGSU Tailgate Spots at the RAC


    As we are setting up each game, we will announce on our Facebook Page and via SMS Messages that we will be at "C1", "B2", "D3" or so on - just so it is easy to find us, plus we will send out grid coordinates for your GPS.


    Hey! Would you expect anything else?


  • Tailgate at the RAC 2013


  • Tailgate_RAC.jpg Sigma_Nu_GSU_Tailgating_Spots_2013.jpg FlagsO-GSSNK.jpg Sigma_Nu_GSU_Tailgating_Spots_2013-1.jpg 20130831_194007_11.jpg 20130831_140605.jpg 20130831_140619_3.jpg 20130831_155115_4.jpg 20130831_155242_5.jpg 20130831_155324_2.jpg 20130831_171617_1.jpg 20130831_171701_3.jpg 20130831_171718_3.jpg 20130831_210405.jpg 20130831_210419.jpg 20130831_210512.jpg Sigma_Nu_GSU_Tailgating_Spots_2013-2.jpg 20130907_121735_8.jpg 20130907_135752_2.jpg 20130907_135757_4.jpg 20130907_135811_6.jpg 20130907_135827_11.jpg 20130907_135853_1.jpg 20130907_135908_3.jpg 20130907_135908_8.jpg 20130907_151008_2.jpg 20130907_151030_2.jpg 20130907_151048_2.jpg 20130907_151056_7.jpg 20130907_152203_3.jpg 20130907_152222_2.jpg 20130907_155727_2.jpg 20130907_192244_7.jpg 20130907_192300_1.jpg 20130907_192308_14.jpg 20130907_192415_2.jpg 20130907_192443_5.jpg 20130907_194238_8.jpg 20130907_194253_6.jpg 20130907_194315_7.jpg 20130907_194430_3.jpg 20130907_194459_2.jpg 20130907_195752_8.jpg 20130907_201049_4.jpg Sigma_Nu_GSU_Tailgating_Spots_2013-3.jpg Flags3-GSSN.jpg Flags3-GSSNK.jpg 20130928_130524_4.jpg 20130928_130557_3.jpg EricM1photo.JPG 20130928_143517_7.jpg 20130928_143547_1.jpg 20130928_143553_3.jpg 20130928_143602_4.jpg 20130928_151833_1.jpg 20130928_151843_5.jpg 20130928_151917_1.jpg 20130928_151946_1.jpg 20130928_151959_5.jpg EricM2photo.JPG 20130928_152007_4.jpg 20130928_152036_1.jpg 20130928_152039_5.jpg 20130928_160757_10.jpg 20130928_160802_6.jpg 20130928_160823_3.jpg 20130928_160843_2.jpg 20130928_164042_3.jpg Flags3L.jpg Badge_by_Strader.jpg

  • We will be tailgating at the RAC each GSU Home Game and you are invited - please let us know if you plan to stop by. The hosts are: Larry & Tonya Sands and Eric Moore. We will publish exact coordinates the morning of, but here is the general location of the RAC:


    The RAC at Georgia Southern

    2687 Bunny Akins Blvd

    Statesboro, Georgia 30458

    Latitude : 32.41548 (32°24′55.737″N)

    Longitude : -81.79165 (81°47′29.945″W)


    Larry Sands: (912) 210-7646

    Tonya Sands: (770) 402-2519

    Eric Moore: (404) 790-3384

    Bill Geddy: (404) 375-9249


    On Facebook:



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    Tailgating Spot is at:



  • Tailgate at the RAC


    • GSU RAC - Usually at D1
    • Tailgate Hosts:
      • Larry & Tonya Sands (0325)
      • Eric Moore (0273)
      • Various others
    • Marked by GSU & Sigma Nu Flags plus fun crowd
    • 10:00 am - 7:00 pm for 1:00/2:00 pm Games
    • 11:00 am - 10:00 pm for 6:00 pm Games
    • Family & kid friendly but fun - real fun!
    • Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Brats, Smoked Sausage
    • Johnsonville Grillers - a specialty treat
    • Low Country Boil, Jambalaya, Ribs by Fair
    • Apple or Peach Cobbler - Blackberry Soon!
    • Dish Tailgater w/Big Screen TV on the best games
    • Will tailgate for any reason no event required
    • Park at the RAC for free and walk to the game
    • Never walk to the game and just stay here


  • Georgia Southern Eagle


  • Tailgate Spottings


    Who has been seen at the RAC:

    • Larry & Tonya Sands (ΘΚ 325) & lots of friends
    • Eric Moore (ΘΚ 273) & family
    • Bill Geddy (ΘΚ 219) & family
    • Ritchie Barnett (ΘΚ 383) & family
    • Rob Rabb (ΘΚ 301) & family
    • Robert Sigler (Ziggy; ΘΚ 292) & son, Michael
    • John Dowdle (ΘΚ 399) & family
    • Ed Hurst (ΘΚ 280) & family
    • Tony Fair (ΘΚ 9) & friends
    • Bill Griffin (ΘΚ 25) & family
    • Mike Thurman (ΘΚ 328) & family
    • Bennett Barry (ΘΚ 688) & friends
    • Chris Tripp (ΘΚ 716) & friends
    • Bruce Groberg (ΔA 722)
    • Denny Runnion (ΘΚ 379)
    • Andrew Smith (ΘΚ 361)
    • Bobby Stewart (ΘΚ 356) & family
    • Sean Wiedman (ΘΚ 299) & friends
    • Collegiate officers, members, & candidates
    • Spouses, kids, & family of all of the above
    • Parents of all of the above
    • Friends, neighbors, & people walking by


    Look at who has been seen at RAC - click here!


  • The Commanders' Badge


  • cover_slides_0.jpg 2012-12-01_13.04.30.jpg 2012-12-01_11.12.51.jpg 2012-12-01_11.07.58.jpg 2012-12-01_11.08.11.jpg 2012-12-01_11.08.21.jpg 2012-12-01_11.13.06.jpg 2012-12-01_11.23.27.jpg 2012-12-01_11.23.34.jpg 2012-12-01_11.23.46.jpg tailgate_flags.jpg pork_ribs_by_abf_thk_9.jpg 2012-12-01_11.37.04.jpg 2012-12-01_11.37.24.jpg 2012-12-01_11.49.20.jpg 2012-12-01_12.59.00.jpg 2012-12-01_16.42.08.jpg 2012-12-01_11.51.22.jpg 2012-12-01_11.51.47.jpg 2012-12-01_12.11.10.jpg 2012-12-01_12.11.15.jpg 2012-12-01_12.11.21.jpg 2012-12-01_12.11.38.jpg 2012-12-01_12.11.52.jpg 2012-12-01_12.55.14.jpg 2012-12-01_12.58.10.jpg 2012-12-01_13.03.49.jpg 2012-12-01_13.06.14.jpg 2012-12-01_16.43.04.jpg 2012-12-01_17.50.57.jpg 2012-12-01_17.51.16.jpg bill___brent.jpg rolling_with_the_big_dog_-_well_eagle.jpg bill___brent_2.jpg sigma_nu_tailgate.jpg

    Sigma Nu Shield


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    Sigma Nu Coat of Arms


  • Tailgating at GSU


  • Sigma Nu Epsilon Tau Tau - For Life