GSU Game Day

  • GSU Game Day

  • The tradition continues...


    In 2013, the Theta Kappa Chapter continues its' fall traditional "Game Day" celebration at various tailgate locations, including our Sigma Nu House. The following spots are tailgate locations for Sigma Nu:


    The RAC (Recreation Activity Center):


    Larry Sands - ΘΚ 325

    Eric Moore - ΘΚ 273

    Exact Location: RAC - Look for the GSU & ΣΝ Flags Flying - water

    Time: 11:00 am for 6:00 pm games; 10:00 am for 2:00 pm games

    Parking: Free at the RAC - short walk to the game and house.

    Food Specialties:

      • Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Brats, and Sausage Dogs
      • Low County Boil for those special weekends
      • Pork Ribs (to die for) brought by guests
      • Peach & Apple Cobbler

    Typical Guests:

      • Tony Fair - ΘΚ 9
      • Bill Griffin - ΘΚ 25
      • Bill Geddy - ΘΚ 219
      • Rober Sigler - ΘΚ 292
      • Mike Thurman - ΘΚ 328
      • "The Karaoke Singers and Dance Team" (see video)


    The Booster Parking Lot (by the Alumni Gate):


      • Tony Fair - ΘΚ 9
      • Bill Griffin - ΘΚ 25

    Exact Location: B43/B44 Parking Spots

    Time: 45 minutes before game time pm games; half time & after

    Parking: On your own; walk from the house.

    Food Specialties:

      • Chicken & Potato logs from the Chicken Shack
      • Pimento Cheese sandwiches
      • Chips & Pretzels
      • Cold Beer

    Typical Guests:



    See some of the pictures from last year.


  • Saturday - Game Day

    11:00 pm Tailgate Lunch - Hamburgers & Hot Dogs (Sigma Nu House)

    >> See the New Special Alumni Tailgate Area for Alumni

    >> Park at the Sigma Nu House - Walk to the Game!

    15-20 mins Depart for the Game

    15-20 mins After Football Get-together at the Sigma Nu house


    Tailgating & Lunch will start at 11:30 am (or earlier) for 2:00pm home games.


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