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  • The Alumni Advisory Board (AAB); the Advisors to our Chapter -


    This is the Theta Kappa Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) for Sigma Nu Fraternity at Georgia Southern University located in Statesboro, Georgia. This board is also know as the ABR. Each member of this board is a volunteer advisor, a general officer of Sigma Nu Fraternity, and is appointed by the Executive Director of Sigma Nu in consultation with the Division Commander. The terms AAB and ABR will be used interchangeably.



    • Advise, guide, and mentor collegiate members and officers
    • Provide support to the chapter and General Fraternity
    • Create long-term continuity among the chapter and the alumni
    • Preserve organizational knowledge from year to year


    Makeup & Overview:

    The Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) is an entity that shares the advisement workload of the traditional Chapter Advisor role. Rather than one individual working to advise the chapter, a board of alumni serves in this role - each member serves as a "Chapter Advisor" for their functional area, but several key advisement areas have a team of advisors. The Theta Kappa Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) is an established entity with mission of providing "best in class" advisement to the officers and chapter as well as minimizing the impact and knowledge loss as officers transition to new roles or graduation. The Alumni Advisement Board (AAB) is the chosen strategic direction and best practice model adopted by Sigma Nu Fraternity for all of its chapters. The AAB may include alumni volunteers of the chapter and/or from other chapters, but non-Greek volunteers as well. Thank you to each and every member of the advisement team, past present, and future.


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    Listed below are members of the Theta Kappa AAB and their advisement role. If you are interested in assisting with the AAB, a specific area, or want to volunteer to work with the chapter or alumni, please click here, fill out the form, and we will get in touch with you. Also please feel free to contact any of the AAB members.


  •  To download a Sigma Nu - Theta Kappa (GSU) AAB Contact List please click here.


  • Photo Name Position
    Bill Geddy Chairman and Chapter Advisor; Council Advisor
    Larry Sands Vice Chairman, Executive Advisor
    John Austin Risk Reduction & Legal Advisor
    Adam Carrington Alumni Relations Advisor
    Cecil Christopher Candidate-Marshal Advisor
    Adam Clay Pursuit of Excellence and Programs Advisor
    Dane Hoard Finance and Treasurer Advisor
    Greg Houlihan Alumni Advisor
    Ed Hurst Alumni Relations Advisor
    Brent Myers Recruitment Advisor
    Keith Roughton Faculty Advisor and University Relations
    Wray Upchurch Member-at-Large
    Marty Williams Member-at-Large
    Evan Winebarger Social & Recruitment Advisor
    Josh Calhoun Recorder Advisor
    Zach Geurin Chaplain Advisor
    Robert Rabb Advisor-at-Large
    Shane Ragan House Corporation President
    Mike VanHouten Social & Event Advisor
    Mark Volkmer Advisor-at-Large

    To download a Sigma Nu - Theta Kappa (GSU) AAB Contact List please click here.


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