• Local Area Mixers - Bringing Theta Kappa to your Hometown!


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  • Hudson Grille on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs


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  • Our Next Atlanta Area Dinner/Mixer:


    Come join other Atlanta area alumni at next Atlanta Area Alumni Mixer at Hudson Grille in Brookhaven. It will be very casual and informal - comes as you are, have dinner, some drinks, or just a beer!


    When: Thu., Dec. 14th

    Where: Hudson Grille - Brookhaven

    Time: 6:30 - 9:00 pm



    Hudson Grille - Brookhaven

    4046 Peachtree Road
    Atlanta, GA 30319



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    If you don't see us at the bar, ask the wait staff seating people where Sigma Nu is and they will direct you. As we get closer to the date we will know the specific area we will be in, so stay tuned. It is a great venue with plenty of space. No minimum order, but it would be good to have a good turnout plus individuals buying beers, appetizers and/or dinner - they will work with us; we want them to ask us back.


    Watch Facebook for the most up-to-date information!


    Future ATL Alumni Event Dates

      03/15/18   Atlanta Alumni Mixer-Dinner

      06/07/18   Atlanta Alumni Mixer-Dinner **

      08/09/18   Atlanta Alumni Mixer-Dinner **

      12/13/18   Atlanta Alumni Mixer-Dinner ** 



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  • ** Indicated events are TBD and for planning only. We are looking for suggestions on venues, additional hosts, dates/times, and whatever ideas you have – we would like to keep this initiative moving!


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    If you run out of room, would like to send additional information, or send attachements, please send to alumni@sigmanugsu.com.

    Please fill out the remainder of this information although it is optional, so we can update our records. We did not require it, but we sure would like you to fill it out.

    You can download an "Alumni Update Form" at www.SigmaNuGSU.com/update and submit by email or fax.

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