• History 041 - The Theta Kappa History Project


  • The Theta Kappa Chapter is announcing a history project, dubbed History 041, with the kickoff of our 41st year as a chapter. Our goal is to capture in written and other media form the 44 year history of our chapter from the days of APO, the food fights at the Williams Center, the birth of social fraternities at GSU, the founding of the colony, chartering, and the history until today. We will be asking for input from each and every alumnus, but will utilize our commanders from each year as a focal point. The goal is to have a full draft ready for Homecoming 2011 and to use it as a motivational rallying point to get others to participate and attend this special event.


    Robert G. Williams, a founder of Theta Kappa, stated that “Doing this project in conjunction with the 25th Anniversary of the initiation and reunion of 14 of our charter members makes this especially important – as the first commander of the chapter, I love the idea of using the commanders as the conduit to our history as many have a unique insight into our 44 year history”. On November 14, 1986 the Theta Kappa Chapter initiated 14 charter members who were unavailable for the chartering of Theta Kappa and initiation on May 10, 1970, many of whom were key to our history as well as the construction of our chapter home, now 21 years old.


    History 041 is a catch phrase that sounds a bit like a college course, but is a reference to our 41 years since our chartering, the recent election of our 41st commander, and that we will celebrate our 41st anniversary – all of our alumni have an important story to tell and record. History 041 will capture our records and develop written history as well as coupling that with photos, audio, and video media to be preserve our history. Unfortunately, several alumni have already passed away, but we are quite fortunate that the vast majority of our alumni is still living and as are all 41 of our commanders, so we have a unique opportunity.


    What can you do?

    • Log onto the website (www.SigmaNuGSU.com) to find out more.
    • Review the details on the website about what you can do to assist
    • Get others to sign up for the website, update their information, and add to our history, but we have many people we need to find.
    • Come back here often for more updates.


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