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    The Black & Gold has been published since 1981. The name was suggested by Chris Sikorski (0173) and adopted by the chapter as the opfficial name. At the time of the first newsletter Wayne Lawson (0176) was the Alumni Relations Officer, and Jim Walker (0150) was Eminent Commander finishing his second term. Additionally:

    • Chris Sikorski - does anyone know where he is or what he is doing?
    • Wayne Lawson - he was one of the first "Printing Management" majors in the chapter - the major had quite a following in the chapter with a large group of members in the late 80s


    The original newsletter had some interesting historical stuff, but you should read it yourself - it can be downloaded by clicking here. For past newsletters and archives - click here. Some points of interest are:

    • The chapter was making progress paying off the Southern Greek land note, which facilitated the house.
    • Mo Littlefield, the Executive Director of Sigma Nu, wrote a letter to address the alumni.
    • There was a great section of "Bits & Pieces" (now called Tidbits) on the early 80s
    • An official announcement that Homecoming was moving from the Winter (Basketball) to Fall (Football)
    • And lastly a good interview with Erk Russell with some classic Erkism's


    Take a gander and read our current newsletter, past newsletters, and the original newletter. We also have a section now called "Extra Stuff", which is current news that just wouldn't fit in this issue, so we posted it in the news area.


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