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  • Sigma Nu and Theta Kappa Code of Conduct Expectations

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    DATE:       June 1, 2016


    FROM:      Theta Kappa Chapter, Theta Kappa House Corporation, Theta Kappa Alumni Chapter, and the Theta Kappa Alumni Advisory Board (AAB)


    TO:           Theta Kappa Alumni, Brothers, Parents, Friends, Guests, and Visitors


    SUBJECT: Conduct Expectations & the Theta Kappa Chapter House, Property, and Events (Updated)



    This is a notice that all alumni, brothers, parents, family, friends, guests, and visitors of the Theta Kappa Chapter are expected to abide by the Sigma Nu Code of Conduct at all times (enclosed) and by the Sigma Nu Fraternity Risk Reduction Policy and other like policies when participating in fraternal events or events at the Chapter Home or other fraternal properties. The code is fairly simple (listed below) and just requires one to abide the laws and use good judgment. These policies apply to all alumni, brothers, candidates, parents, family, friends, guests and visitors even if you are legal drinking age and consuming alcohol legally. This policy also applies to the use of illegal drugs, but there is no time limit on that. All of this should be common sense to us and a restatement of policy.


    If you have questions, please feel free to contact the Commander, a member of the House Corporation, an Alumni Chapter Officer, or a member of the Alumni Advisory Board. All of their contact information can be located on the chapter website at: The fraternity and chapter policies as well as links to their contact information are located at Alumnus John B. Austin, ΘΚ 120, who is an attorney as well as our Risk Reduction & Legal Advisor, is able to answer any questions in regards to this policy.


    A digest of the Sigma Nu Code of Conduct:


    “I promise on my Honor as a Knight and a Gentleman (if a Sigma Nu), do solemnly swear to abide by and uphold The Law of Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc., the Risk Reduction Policy and Guidelines, The Ritual, the chapter bylaws, and the directives of the Grand and General Officers of the Fraternity. Further, I will:


    1. Respect the dignity of all persons; therefore, I will not physically, psychologically or sexually abuse or haze any human being.
    2. Protect the health and safety of all human beings.
    3. Respect my property and the property of others; therefore, I will neither abuse nor tolerate the abuse of property.
    4. Meet my financial obligations in accordance with The Law of Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc.
    5. Neither use nor support the use of illegal drugs; I will neither abuse nor support the abuse of alcohol.
    6. Fully support Sigma Nu Fraternity Inc.’s Risk Reduction Policy and Guidelines.
    7. Acknowledge that a clean and attractive environment is essential to both physical and mental health; therefore I will do all within my power to see that the chapter’s property is well maintained and cleaned.
    8. Confront all of my Fraternity Brothers who violate these fundamental obligations and promise to report violations to the appropriate officers of the Fraternity.
    9. Abide by the rules and policies of Georgia Southern University.


    I am committed to the ideals of Sigma Nu Fraternity, and I fully realize and understand that my continued association and membership in the Theta Kappa Chapter depends upon my deeds. I also realize that my own violations of the principles, ideals, and this agreement will subject me to suspension and/or expulsion from the Theta Kappa Chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity.”


    Your adherence and support of this policy is greatly appreciated, but is also required.


  • At all times Sigma Nu Fraternity and Theta Kappa has a No Hazing Policy, a Risk Reduction Policy, and a Code of Conduct – we expect all members, alumni, parents, and guests to abide by it and respect it. Hazing or paddling someone, even if they are initiated, an alumnus, or a guest and even if they agree to it is still hazing, a violation of our fraternal policies, and will be referred to the appropriate authority. In regards to alcohol consumption, there are places that members, alumni, parents, and guests, of legal drinking age, may legally consume alcohol off property.


    Alumni, collegiates, parents, guests or visitors who violate these policies may be asked to leave the property, be permanently barred from the property, referred to the Trial Code (if a Sigma Nu), or referred to GSU or local law enforcement authorities.


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    Please review our "Code of Conduct" and the Conduct Expectations at all fraternal events - click here.