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  • Sigma Nu Fraternity is a charter sponsor of the GSU City Campus & E-Zone


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  • The Georgia Southern (GSU) COBA E-Zone


  • Sigma Nu is a proud sponsor of the Georgia Southern University COBA City Campus & E-Zone in Downtown Statesboro, which provides our chapter with full access to the GSU E-Zone facility for LEAD, meetings, and other activities. Sigma Nu is a charter sponsor, the only Greek Letter sponsor, and has participated since the inception while under the leadership of Dr. Luke Pittaway, a former Faculty Advisor, a member of of our AAB, and now a Professor at Ohio University. The firm of Dabbs, Hickman, Hill & Cannon is also a sponsor of which alumnus Billy Hickman (ΘΚ 62) is a key partner. This year we are a supporting sponsor for the GSU 3DS (Three Day Startup) Program as well.


    Sigma Nu utilizes the GSU E-Zone for:

    • LEAD Sessions - Phase 1-4
    • Leadership Development & Coaching
    • Committee Meetings & Workshops
    • Organizational Meetings
    • On-Going meetings with the Alumni Advisory Board


    This innovative facility offers:

    • Over 2500 square feet of working space
    • High-Speed Video Conference Room
    • 30+ seat classroom with video/projector capability
    • Access to the COBA Facility for larger meetings


    The facility is located at:

    • GSU City Campus/GSU E-Zone
    • 58 East Main Street
    • Statesboro, GA 30458
    • 912-478-0872


  • The City Campus and GSU Entrepreneurial Zone (E-Zone) are all part of the Georgia Southern University’s College of Business Administration (COBA) Center for Entrepreneurial Learning & Leadership. The Business Innovation Group (BIG) are headquartered at the City Campus and is responsible for the facility. The City Campus is a joint initiative between Georgia Southern University and the City of Statesboro to foster innovation and entrepreneurship. Founded in June 2011 and located in downtown Statesboro, the City Campus serves as a major step in strengthening Georgia Southern’s regional impact.


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    The vision of the City Campus is:

    • To develop a vibrant, creative and innovative community
    • To foster a culture of innovation 
    • Encourage start-ups, business incubation and job creation
    • To develop a system that enables entrepreneurs to create firms


    The initial phase of this redevelopment resulted in the Downtown Statesboro Development Authority being awarded the 2011 Georgia Downtown Association Best Commercial Redevelopment Award. The former automotive service facility now houses a classroom, a web conference room and a large meeting space that is currently used to host networking events and business workshops.


  • The Georgia Southern (GSU) COBA E-Zone


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  • The Georgia Southern (GSU) COBA E-Zone


  • The Georgia Southern (GSU) COBA E-Zone


  • The Georgia Southern (GSU) COBA E-Zone


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  • The GSU E-Zone


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