• How can I get involved?


    To answer the age old questions: 1) How can I get involved? (as an alumnus); 2) What can I do to make a difference?; or 3) How do I volunteer?, we have created this summary page of some key areas that any alumnus would be able to help with and make a significant impact. Click on one of the links or the images below.


    If you are not ready to commit or have questions and want to speak to another volunteer then CLICK HERE. We will get in touch with you to discuss or answer your questions.


  • Sigma Nu Fraternity - Theta Kappa Chapter LEAD

     Be a guest facilitator for candidate and member LEAD sessions to assist in the development of the young men of Theta Kappa. Facilitiation manuals, aids, and step-by-step guides are provided. Minimal preparation is required.



  • Sigma Nu Alumni Speaker Series

     Be a guest speaker on your major, career, work or life experiences to the young men of Theta Kappa. Speak from the heart, speak from experience - minimal preparation is required.



  • Alumni Mentor & Big Brother Program

     Sign-up to be a mentor and coach for a young man of Theta Kappa. You will be matched by career, major, geography or experiences. Only a small amount of time is needed, but consistency is important - it can make a huge impact on a young man.



  • College Internships for Theta Kappa Members


  • Time & Treasure: Participate - Volunteer - Contribute

     Find over 20 different ways to help Theta Kappa and it is not just about money - CLICK ABOVE.


  • Connecting Theta Kappa Members & Friends

    Connect with your chapter, brothers, alumni, parents and friends. You can connect through Facebook, LinkedIn, our website, and through our General Fraternity HQs.



  • Be an Advisor - Volunteer


  • Sigma Nu Epsilon Tau Tau - For Life