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    New Homecoming Fee and Alumni Chapter Dues Structure


    New Homecoming Fee Structure:

    • Homecoming Fee (Lunch is included) - all alumni should pay this
      • $75 Single Alumnus, Alumni Couple, or guests (up to 2)
      • $100 Fee after October 8th or if you pay on-site or in person
    • Additional lunches or Lunch Only Fee
      • Honor system pay $25/plate/person or $10/plate/kid
    • All fees include a mandatory $10 Security & Risk Management Assessment that provides for permits, and event security for the weekend.
    • We hope that everyone will pay the standard fee, but lunch only is an option


    Theta Kappa Alumni Chapter Member Dues - optional but needed:

    • Black Level - $100/year
    • White Level - $250/year
    • White Star Level - $250/year x 10 years (Post-Graduation Commitment)
    • Gold Level - $450/year
    • Dues do not include the Homecoming Fees this year, so they were trimmed to reflect that
    • Starting this year you can have dues withdrawn from your checking account or credit card on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis forever.


    To RSVP for Homecoming go to: Homecoming RSVP.


  • Thank you! From the Theta Kappa Collegiate Chapter, Alumni Chapter, and House Corporation