• Congratulations Brother Fair


  • Brother Anthony B. Fair ("Tony")

    ΘΚ 9

    Originally from Cochran, GA

    Resides in Statesboro, GA

    Initiated: May 10, 1970

    Offices/Positions Held:

    Lt. Commander: 1970-71

    Chapter Advisor: 1984-2015

    House Corporation: 1986-

    District Commander: 1987-1988

    Division Commander: 1988-1999

    Advisor, AAB: 2008-2015

    Advisor Emeritus: 2015-


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    Tony held the role as Theta Kappa Chapter Advisor from Oct. 1, 1984 until his "retirement" from the role on May 10, 2015, the 45th Anniversary of the Chapter. He continues as the CFO & Treasurer of the Theta Kappa House Corporation and agreed to serve as "Advisor Emeritus" to assist as needed.


    It is with the highest honor and pleasure we announce to you that on Saturday, January 16, 2016, the High Council of Sigma Nu Fraternity through resolution commended and recognized the exceptional fraternal service our Brother and long-time Chapter Advisor, Anthony Barnett Fair (Tony, ΘΚ 9). The recognition took place at the 4th Annual Theta Kappa Commander’s Dinner held at the Capital Grille in Atlanta (Buckhead), GA. The event was attended by 20+ past commanders and volunteers of the Theta Kappa Chapter and several dignitaries including Vice Regent John Hearn, past Regent Joe Gilman, and Task Force Hopkins leader Michael Barry. The presentation by Vice Regent Hearn was especially noteworthy as Brother Hearn was Commander of the Mu Chapter during Tony’s time as Division Commander. On behalf of Sigma Nu Fraternity, Theta Kappa Chapter, and the brothers, families, and friends of our Chapter we offer a heartfelt congratulations and thanks to Brother Fair for his 30+ years of dedicated service as a volunteer to Sigma Nu Fraternity and the Theta Kappa Chapter.



  • Brother Anthony B. Fair, ΘΚ 9


    Brother Anthony Barnett Fair, ΘΚ 9




    The Commanders' Badge


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    Sigma Nu High Council Certificate of Commendation


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