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  • Theta Kappa Alumni Advisory Board (AAB)


  • The Theta Kappa Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) conducts usually 4-5 in-person meetings annually with the Chapter EC and Officer Team, numerous individual mentoring sessions, and a number of phone/other conversations each year. The meetings have progressively improved and added great value to the chapter and alumni organizations. Thank you to all that participate!


    Sigma Nu Coat of Arms

  • Strategic_Planning_with_AAB_January_2013_013.jpg 100_0298.JPG Strategic_Planning_with_AAB_January_2013_015.jpg 2013-01-26_11.20.50.jpg 2013-01-26_11.21.00.jpg 100_0303.JPG 100_0301.JPG 2013-01-26_12.00.57.jpg 2013-01-26_12.30.02.jpg 2013-01-26_12.52.19.jpg 2013-01-26_13.51.03.jpg 2013-01-26_10.56.03.jpg Strategic_Planning_with_AAB_January_2013_001.jpg Strategic_Planning_with_AAB_January_2013_002.jpg 100_0300.JPG Strategic_Planning_with_AAB_January_2013_003.jpg 2013-01-26_10.55.47.jpg Strategic_Planning_with_AAB_January_2013_005.jpg Strategic_Planning_with_AAB_January_2013_007.jpg Strategic_Planning_with_AAB_January_2013_009.jpg 2013-01-26_10.55.55.jpg Strategic_Planning_with_AAB_January_2013_012-1.jpg 100_0299.JPG 100_0302.JPG 100_2693.JPG 100_2694.JPG 100_2695.JPG 100_2696.JPG 100_2697.JPG 100_2698.JPG 100_2699.JPG 100_2700.JPG 100_2701.JPG 100_2702.JPG 100_2703.JPG 100_2704.JPG 100_2705.JPG 100_2706.JPG 100_2709.JPG 100_2711.JPG 100_3364.JPG 100_3365.JPG 100_3366.JPG 100_3367.JPG 100_3368.JPG 100_3369.JPG 100_3370.JPG 100_3371.JPG 100_3372.JPG 100_3374.JPG ThK_Welcomes_New_FacAdvsr.jpg 100_0098.JPG 100_0100.JPG 100_0110.JPG AAB_at_E-Zone_110916.jpg AAB-EC_111022.jpg EC_at_E-Zone_110916.jpg EZ0.jpg EZ5.jpg EZ9.jpg EZ11.jpg EZ12.jpg E-Zone_1.jpg
  • Fall 2010 AAB Meeting

  • From left to right: Chris Tripp (Recorder), Tony Fair (Housing Advisor), JT Peek (Alumni Relations Officer), Dane Hoard (Parents Program Chairman). Drew Little (Recruitment Officer), Scott Mobley (Lt. Commander), Bruce Groberg (Financial Advisor), Tyler Elder (Commander), Robbie Brannen (Marshal – Candidates), Anthony Farber (Scholarship Chairman), Chris Garretson (Scholarship Advisor), Bill Geddy (AAB Chairman), Larry Sands (AAB Vice Chairman), Michael Greer (LEAD Chairman), Luke Friesen (Treasurer). Keith Roughton (University Relations) had just departed and Eric Moore (Recruitment Advisor) participated via Phone/WebEx.


    Other members not present: Robert Williams (Historian/Rock Chapter Advisor), Jon Allen & Greg Houlihan (Alumni Advisors), Wilkes Evans (LEAD Advisor), Mark Mundy (Risk Reduction Advisor), and Phil Mullinax (Service Advisor).


    To download a Sigma Nu - Theta Kappa (GSU) AAB Contact List please click here.


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