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  • Theta Kappa Alumni Advisory Board (AAB)

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  • The next Theta Kappa Chapter AAB meeting will be:


    • Date: Sun., August 20, 2017
    • Time: 10:00 am ET
    • Location: TBD in Statesboro
      • Will be announced shortly. House is the backup.
    • Attendees:
      • AAB Team: Entire team plus 
      • Chapter Council and members attending Sigma Nu Institute
      • Shane Ragan (HC) and Jon Cundiff (AC) are always invited
      • AAB meetings are always open to interested chapter alumni
      • Chapter alumni and parents are welcome - please RSVP
      • House Corporation often meets adjacent/in conjunction
    • Monthly Conference Call:
      • The AAB holds a conference call on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm ET to discuss business, review updates, and progress of the chapter.


  • Our Meeting Agenda (Tentative):

    • 10:90 - 1:30 pm - Chapter Council led meeting with AAB
      • Introductions as needed
      • Commander's Agenda
      • Officer Reports against Plan Progress
        • All officers submit written reports to review
        • All reports due 48 hours before meeting
        • Review top 3 topics/issues
    • 11:30 - 1:00 pm - Breakout in Teams or continue Meeting
      • Small Group Breakouts/Advisement
      • Joint Decision on Action Plan
    • 1:00 - 1:30 pm - Review of Action List/AAB Comments
    • 1:00 pm - Adjourn/Go to Lunch at the Varsity


    Our FOCUS for this meeting:

    • Commander's Agenda
    • Pursuit of Excellence Result & Plan of Action
    • Officers Plans & Needs
    • Recruitment for Fall 2017
    • Homecoming 2017 - Major Emphasis


  • Future On-Site/Face-to-Face Meeting Dates:

    • Sun., Aug. 20, 2017 – New School Year Meeting giving
      • (Classes begin: 08/14/2017)
      • Recruitment Workshop on: 8/12-13 or Spring
    • Sat., Sep. 30, 2017 – Pre-Homecoming/Mid-Semester Meeting
      • TBD will decide
      • (Fall Break: 11/18-26/2017; Finals: 12/04-08/2017)
      • Tentative pending Football Schedule
    • Sat., Oct. 14, 2017 –Homecoming Alumni Meeting
      • Homecoming 2017 – TBD
      • Tentative pending Football Schedule
    • Sat., Jan. 13, 2018 – Optional:
      • Commander’s Dinner in the Capital Grille-Atlanta, Buckhead
      • 6:30 pm Cocktails; 7:30 pm Dinner
      • All AAB/HC volunteers are invited
      • Invite ONLY - Past Commanders, Volunteers, and Guests
    • Sat., Feb. 17, 2018 – New Officer Meeting with AAB
      • (Classes Begin: 01/08/2018; MLK: 01/15/2018)
      • Sigma Nu Institute GA/FL/AL: Sat., 02/17/2018
    • Sat., Mar. 31, 2018 – Mid-to-End Semester Meeting
      • May be moved to Parent’s Weekend
      • (Spring Break: 03/10-18/2018; Finals: 05/07-11/2018)
    • Sat., Jun. 9, 2018 – Business Meeting/Rush Prep


    • Meeting Times & Basics:
      • Start: 8:30 am for AAB / 10:00 am for Collegiates
      • End: 12:30 pm – 1:00 pm generally
      • Lunch during/after – optional
      • Dates are always listed here.
      • Dependent on Fall Schedule and Chapter Schedule*
      • All meetings at the GSU E-Zone unless otherwise noted.


    In general we will try to utilize the Conference Room or Classroom at the E-Zone as it is available and we may need to budget some funds for that through the alumni chapter. Anyone that is coming down Friday night let us know and we will see what arrangements we can make.

    I want to thank everyone for everything you do and the commitment you have made. We are all volunteers and I don't want to burn anyone out, so participate where you can. Here is the schedule we will try to keep during the year:

    • Mid-August - Start of School Year Meeting
    • Late September to Mid-October - Mid-Semester Meeting
    • Late January - Spring Semester Meeting & Officer Presentations
    • Late March/Early April - End of Semester/School Year Meeting
    • June - Summer Meeting/Working Session (AAB Only) - Optional


    Thank you for your dedication and support! I am consistently pleased and never surprised by the dedication and support of Sigma Nu alumni to this chapter and to the fraternity at always reminds me of the great decision I made in 1983 to pledge Sigma Nu and reenergizes me is my own work with the fraternity!


    Bill Geddy
    ΘΚ 219
    Chairman, AAB/Chapter Advisor


    Dr. Luke Pittaway, a Sigma Nu Advisor, teaches E-Leadership at the E-Zone


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