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  • This page is primarily for alumni, friends, and other interested parties to provide membership referrals to Sigma Nu Fraternity at GSU. After this is submitted one of our members will follow-up with you within a few days. We are interested in your thoughts and if you know someone that you would like to refer to us. Whether you are a Sigma Nu or not we value your thoughts and would like to hear from you.


    To refer someone to another school - click here: http://becomeasigmanu.org/membership-referral.


  • We are part of the Recruitment Team for Sigma Nu Fraternity at Georgia Southern! If you have questions or need more information about Sigma Nu or Fraternity life, we are the people to speak to. You may contact us directly, but we encourage you to fill out the form below, a message will be sent to all of us, and one of us will follow up with you right away!


    We highly encourage you to get involved in “Greek Rush,” look at the Greek System, and most importantly take a look at Sigma Nu, a fraternity founded on the principle of honor and in opposition to the practice of hazing! Sigma Nu has been awarded the prestigious Sigma Nu Rock Chapter Award twice consecutively, attained greater than a 3.0 Semester GPA, a top contender in all Greek intramural sports, and other recognition in our pursuit of excellence – we also have a great time, so should take a look at us.


    We firmly believe that being part of Sigma Nu is both an enhancement to your time in college and the rest of your life. Even in these challenging and unprecedented times, we believe Sigma Nu and being a “Greek” is something you should not just consider, but actually do! If you have questions, we can help, but if you parents have questions, our advisors can help. To learn more about ΣΝ, our recruitment, or how to become something more, please click here.


    We look forward to speaking to you, but feel free to give us a call!


    Jack Oldham

    ΘΚ 988

    Milton, GA

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