The Badge on our House

  • The Sigma Nu Badge on the Theta Kappa House


    This is at Georgia Southern University on the Sigma Nu Chapter Home located at 103 Olympic Boulevard. This sculpture was created, cast, and sculpted by M. Scott Strader, ThK 252, who was initiated in 1986. This badge was dedicated on November 11, 1989 in conjunction with the opening and dedication of the new house.


    Scott is the owner and CEO of Mecury Metals in Atlanta, GA. The website for his company is:


    Designed, cast, and donated by:


    M. Scott Strader, ΘΚ 256


    Thank you Scott and the team at GSU!


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    Theta Kappa House Badge - the Rough


  • Theta Kappa House Badge - Finished Badge

  • The Sigma Nu Badge


    The Theta Kappa House circa 2010


    Our Sigma Nu Badge by Scott Strader


    With 21 years wear & tear


    The Theta Kappa House circa 1991

  • Sigma Nu Epsilon Tau Tau - For Life