• Update your Alumni-Member Information!


  • You need to do two things to update your Alumni Information:

    1. Complete and return an "Alumni Information Update". Then fax it or scan and email it back to us.

    2. If you are not registered on this website, please do so and then complete your "Online Profile" on this site including a profile picture. You must be logged in to do this.


    Download an Alumni Information Form


    To update your profile on this website you will need to first log-in (upper right). When you login you will be taken to your "personal dashboard" (My Page), please update your profile and your picture.


    Please do these right away and we can help (if needed)!


    For more information about updates and what we do with the information, please read below:


  • Updating you alumni information is easy! Please download the PDF "Alumni Update Form", then fill it out, and fax it back to 404-478-8887 or scan & email it to alumni@sigmanugsu.com. The data from this sheet is used to update our alumni database, which is separate from the website and is also used to update the General Fraternity HQs on a periodic basis. The fax number and email address are both private, so there is no need to add a cover page. If we have any questions about your update, we will send you an email.


    Also, please fill out your profile on this site, so other alumni may find you easily. Think of it as our "Online Alumni Directory". The information is only accessible after a member logs into the site unless you mark your information as "public", which is not recommended. Each request to join the site is screened - only alumni and collegiate members, parents, former little sisters and sweethearts, local Sigma Nu alumni from other chapters, and close friends of the chapter are allowed to join the site. Each category has a different level of access as well.



    Information about our Alumni Database & where to find us…


    Theta Kappa maintains an alumni database in addition to the Sigma Nu Fraternity HQs database. The reason we do this is probably obvious, but worth restating – Sigma Nu has over 200,000 alumni and we have less than 1000; no one needs our chapter alumni information like we do, so we need to manage and look after it like no other can as we connect with our alumni through a variety of sources. We do share updates periodically with the Sigma Nu Fraternity HQs (usually quarterly), so they are getting your updates and your fraternity record is updated.


    We have 3 basic sources (we manage) where you can find information, what is going on, and where people are:


    • Facebook Group – we have a group called “Sigma Nu - Georgia Southern - Theta Kappa”; if you are not already a member consider joining this group so you can keep up with our alumni chapter, brothers, and friends. You can then add members as personal friends and get the normal Facebook updates on them. The site is: http://www.facebook.com/groups/sigmanugsu/.
    • Chapter Website – this is located at www.sigmanugsu.com (you are on this website now; place on your safe list); it is a repository for chapter/alumni information and events. It is basically a tool that puts us on the web that helps us manage chapter and alumni operations beyond Facebook. You can sign up for notifications, search for other alumni, and it has a personal “dashboard” (once you sign in) that gives a snapshot of what is going on.
    • Member Database – this is managed behind the scenes and we use for keeping up with our members, alumni, and friends. We try to incorporate updates we see on Facebook and the website, but the best way to update us is through the enclosed “alumni information update”. We exchange this information and the address information we gather with the Sigma Nu Fraternity HQs staff, so they can update you as well.


    Other places you may be interested in:


    If you have question or updates please contact us at alumni@sigmanugsu.com.


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