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  • If you are interested in giving money, we will just cut to the chase and tell you the ways, but we are always available to answer questions. The two major avenues are through the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation (SNEF), which is fully tax-deductible, or directly to the alumni chapter or house. Here are a few links to get you there:



  • I give $100 to Theta Kappa

  • The "I Give 100 to Theta Kappa" Campaign (Give 100)!


    Each year on September 1st the Theta Kappa Alumni Chapter and House Corporation kick off the "Give 100" campaign for chapter development. The purpose is to create a way to have a recurring alumni revenue stream as well as seed and continue an on-going academic/scholarship fund with the foundation. We recognize some of you will want to do one, both, or neither, but we need to create an on-going fund for both of these important areas each year. You have probably heard about it and wanted more information, so here it is!


    Here is what "Give 100" goes to and funds:

    • Print & Mail a minimum of three (3) newletters/post cards each year (Jan, May, Sep) - restarting this
      • The Alumni Chapter pays 75% and the Collegiate Chapter pays 25% now.
    • Pay the Hosting Fees & Maintenance of the Theta Kappa website at www.SigmaNuGSU.com.
      • The Alumni Chapter pays 60% and Collegiate Chapter pays 40% now.
    • Scheduled minor improvements to the Chapter House (i.e. we switched to digital touch locks for rooms)
    • A Charter & On-going Sponsorship for the GSU E-Zone (www.SigmaNuGSU.com/GSU-E-Zone)
      • The Alumni Chapter pays 50% and Collegiate Chapter pays 50%
      • The E-Zone is used for Chapter LEAD sessions and AAB, House Corporation, & Alumni Officer Meetings
      • This has improved the environment and professional tone of our meetings.
    • Other Theta Kappa Alumni Chapter & House Corporation operating expenses (PO Box, Mailings, etc.)
    • Operating budget for the Theta Kappa Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) to support advisement & LEAD
    • Pre-Payment Costs for Homecoming & other Alumni Events each year (repaid by collected fees)
    • Everything in excess of $10K goes into our House Maintenance Trust Fund
    • The Alumni Chapter & House Corporation officers may move some excess dollars to the Scholarship Fund


    More about the "Give 100" campaign & goals:

    The "Give 100" campaign for Alumni Dues has the following goals (Give $100 Now!):

    • Get 200 chapter alumni to participate in alumni activities in 2012-2013
    • Get 200 chapter alumni to commit or pay recurring alumni dues of at least $100 by mid-2013
      • The Homecoming Fee was removed from the dues to give alumni greater flexibility
      • Get 300 total alumni to commit or pay recurring alumni dues of at least $100 by October 1, 2013
      • If 300 alumni sign-up before Homecoming 2013 we will have a special celebration there
      • Alumni may join at 3 different levels - Black, White, and Gold depending on their means
    • Get 100 new alumni to join the website - we have about 300 active alumni - a total of 400 is the goal!
      • Get 400 active alumni on the website by October 1, 2013 (we have ~700 living alumni)
    • Get 100 alumni to make a contribution to the Theta Kappa Scholarship Fund* by July 1, 2013
      • Get 300 total alumni to make a contribution to the Theta Kappa Scholarship Fund by October 1, 2014
    • There are 3 levels of Alumni Dues for this permanent campaign
      • Black Level: $100/year or ~$9/month
      • White Level: $250/year or ~$21/month
      • Gold Level: $450/year or ~$38/month
      • Any amount is fine - Alumni Dues (Give 100) is optional - do what you can!
      • Many alumni will pay homecoming fees, some will pay alumni dues, some alumni cannot come to homecoming, some alumni will attend, and some will not do anything. Do what you can do!
      • Alumni Dues are optional; we want members to feel free to do what they can and we understand the current economic times, so do what you can - after all we are in an Honor Fraternity.
      • Interesting fact - the Homecoming Fee is $75 in 2011, $50 in 2012 - it was $75 in 1986!
    • Some things you should consider doing today!
      • If you are on this page you are registered on the site, so you count towards the "site goal".
      • Register or RSVP for Homecoming - Pay Alumni Dues! (attend goal)
      • Pay Alumni Dues today - Not going to Homecoming consider paying Alumni Dues! (dues goal)
      • Contribute to the Theta Kappa Scholarship Fund at the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation
      • To learn more about the various ways to volunteer or contribute, please click here.


    The Theta Kappa Scholarship Fund is fully tax deductible 501(c)(3) as a charitable educational foundation. For those interested in this type of giving on a large or small scale we have an avenue. If you already give to Sigma Nu you can change your donations and have them earmarked for the Theta Kappa Scholarship Fund in the future.


    Here is an example of the power of group participation - some by many equals a lot!


    Get 150 in 2010


    *The Theta Kappa Scholarship Fund is managed by the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation who pays out scholarships to the Theta Kappa Chapter in accordance with our Scholarship Operating Agreement and is awarded by a Theta Kappa Alumni Committee. Currently there is not enough principal in the fund to pay out scholarships in 2012, but we should have enough funds to begin awarding scholarships in the Fall 2013.


    Today we have the ability to take contributions online via credit card, debit card, and ACH withdrawl, but if you desire funds to go to the Theta Kappa Scholarship Fund they should be submitted directly to the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation and earmarked or restricted to the Theta Kappa Scholarship Fund.


    To donate to the Theta Kappa Scholarship Fund, please click here.


    If you are presently making a contribution to the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation (SNEF) you may consider restricting/earmarking some or all for the Theta Kappa Scholarship Fund.


  • Link to Sigma Nu Payment site at: http://giving.ncsservices.org/sigmanugsu

    Click on the image above to make your payment for Fees, Alumni Dues, or Donations to the Theta Kappa Alumni Chapter and House Corporation - you will be sent to: https://e-giving.org/SigmaNuFraternity where you will see our familiar graphics and a trusted site. Once you register on our e-giving site you can come back as often as you want for additional items or you can establish recurring payments or payment plans as you decide.


  • Square Up Credit Card Reader


    We now take advantage of "Square Up" Mobile Credit Card readers, which allow us to capture Homecoming Fees, Alumni Dues, or donations to the Theta Kappa Alumni Chapter right on the spot. It goes directly into our Alumni Account that night with minimal fees, so it is a perfect tool. Alumnus Michael Reed, ΘΚ 654 (2004), was the first alumnus to pay the $100 alumni dues on the reader at our Atlanta Alumni Mixer on Tue., March 19th right at the table at the Hudson Grille!


    The traditional e-giving service that we use may be found at https://e-giving.org/SigmaNuFraternity is still our most cost effective means, but either method accomplishes the same goal and both are significantly less than traditional credit card machines.


  • Square Up Mobile Credit Card Reader

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