• Oklahoma Tornado Relief 2013


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  • Fellow Brothers of Sigma Nu,


    The Active Brothers and Alumni of the Theta Kappa Chapter at Georgia Southern University wish to lend a helping hand to those who were recently touched by the devastating tornado in Moore, Oklahoma. This area of the country suffers often from this type of disaster, but on May 20, 2013 it was especially harsh with many lives lost and physical damage beyond comprehension. In addition to your fellow citizens in Oklahoma, Sigma Nu Fraternity has two chapters, a colony, and hundreds of alumni in the stricken area. Both our current Regent and Regent-Elect are members of the Oklahoma State Chapter and residents of Oklahoma.


    Our goal is to coordinate a collective tornado relief effort in which all the active Sigma Nu Chapters of Georgia are involved. There are currently 11 active Chapters in the great state of Georgia and each Chapter (should you choose to participate) will have a goal of raising $750 to go towards the relief effort. Should every Chapter meet their goal, together we will send over $8000 dollars to the relief effort in Oklahoma. Great and easy ways to raise money include but are not limited to:


    • Soliciting donations from Alumni
    • Forwarding emails with a link to the e-giving site to friends and family
    • Making a donation directly from Chapter funds
    • Have each Brother make a small donation toward the Chapter goal


    All donations will be sent to the Habitat for Humanity for Oklahoma Tornado Relief, which also happens to be part of the Sigma Nu Helping Hand Initiative. The Theta Kappa Chapter House Corporation will pay all transaction fees, enabling 100% of donations to go to charity. The official start date of the Sigma Nu Tornado Relief Effort of Georgia is May 29th, 2013 and all donations will be received by the Habitat for Humanity for Oklahoma Tornado Relief by June 13th, 2013; exactly two weeks after the start date. The Theta Kappa Chapter has created an online “E-Giving Site” to which monetary donations can be made and tracked by Chapter. The "E-Giving Site" is located at: https://e-giving.org/SigmaNuFraternity (or click on the link below) and register or go directly to “Guest Transaction”. Please make sure you place your donation into your chapter fund.


    In addition to aid in the form of monetary donations, our brothers at Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Central Oklahoma are requesting gloves (heavy duty), large black trash bags (contractor grade), shovels, toiletries, sunscreen, and dust masks, so they can assist with the clean-up. We are currently working on the logistics of sending these supplies to those who need them.


    For those who make a monetary donation, you will receive full accounting of all donations and a listing of your donation for tax purposes as all donations are 100% tax deductible. Up to date accounting will be posted on the “E-Giving Site” as well as http://sigmanugsu.celect.org/tornado-relief. Please keep in mind that giving through our e-giving site allows us to track our collective impact on the relief effort and for the people who have lost everything in this natural disaster, every little bit of help they get goes a long way.


    For Chapters that wish to participate, or those who have any questions, please contact Theta Kappa Chapter Community Service and Philanthropy Chairman Brian Griffin at bg02121@Georgiasouthern.edu.





    Brian D. Griffin, ΘΚ 759

    Chairman, Community Service & Philanthropy Committee


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  • Click Here - Donate Here

    Click on the image above to be taken to our "E-Giving Site"

    Your donations are 100% deductible and 100% will go to the charity.

    The Theta Kappa House Corporation will pay all transaction fees.


  • Alternative donation points:


    If you prefer not to donate this way through the fraternity, the United Way of Oklahoma City if a good place to give to at: http://www.unitedwayokc.org/ or there are many others, so here is a list:


    Read the email request from our Oklahoma Brothers sent by HQs.




    Some notes:

    • The Theta Kappa House Corporation & Collegiate Chapter will seed this fund initially with $100 from each.
    • We want to provide a lump sum to one, so it can be the most impactful.
    • You will receive a full accounting of all donations and a listing of your donation for tax purposes
    • The accounting will be posted on this page of the website as well.
    • Our tax advisors tell us we are and you are covered for IRS purposes.
    • Giving through our e-giving site allows us to track the impact and donations from Sigma Nu
    • If you have suggestions, please provide it to us.


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  • Oklahoma Tornado Relief 2013