• The Theta Kappa Scholarship Fund


  • Sigma Nu Educational FoundationThe Theta Kappa Chapter has a scholarship account with the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation (SNEF) that was seeded by a very generous alumnus and his wife. Alumni, parents, and friends wishing to contribute a fully tax-deductible donation that benefits the chapter this is the avenue. Our scholarship account is not fully funded yet, so funds are being accrued and building interest until there is enough to pay out without impacting the principal. We anticipate we will begin to award scholarships in the Fall of 2015. Additionally if you have a giving plan to the SNEF already you can earmark a percentage or the entire amount to the Theta Kappa Scholarship Fund. The scholarship fund is designed to provide scholarships in 3 basics areas:


    1. Academic Performance awards for Members with Outstanding Scholastic Achievement, Service to the Chapter, and Service to the Community based on a "whole man" criteria.
    2. Scholarships to Incoming Freshmen Males to assist us in getting the word out on Sigma Nu - Future.
    3. Financials Needs Scholarships for Members - Being considered for the future.


    To contribute to Theta Kappa Scholarship account via the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation you can link to their website below and soon there will be a page that is specific to Theta Kappa. In the comment section, please indicate "Theta Kappa Scholarship Account" and they will restrict the funds to our chapter. If you have questions or need information about our scholarship account or the foundation, please feel free to contact Brad Hastings, President of the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation, at 540-463-1869. Brad is a close friend of the Chapter and a West Georgia Sigma Nu - he will be more than happy to answer your questions and provide advice.


    To donate to the Theta Kappa Scholarship Account click here


  • The Pathway to a “Best in Class” Chapter in Sigma Nu


    The Theta Kappa Chapter is becoming one of the strongest and best chapters at Georgia Southern – we are building a pathway and legacy of excellence. It is being recognized for its achievements and they are building a sustainable model with alumni help. Of course, you already know that through your affiliation with Theta Kappa, but recently as part of their strategic planning they articulated a vision of being a “Best in Class” fraternity at GSU and chapter in Sigma Nu Fraternity, by meeting the mission of Sigma Nu’s Pursuit of Excellence Program:


    Our Mission

    -To develop ethical leaders inspired by the principles of Love, Honor, and Truth.

    -To foster the personal growth of each man’s mind, heart, and character.

    -To perpetuate lifelong friendships and commitment to the Fraternity.


    Our Vision

    Excelling with Honor


    Theta Kappa is on that path and the path to Rock Chapter, so what can you do to help them:

    1. Make a donation to the Theta Kappa Scholarship Fund – Donate Now –Click Here!
    2. Update your Alumni Information at: http://sigmanugsu.celect.org/alumniupdateform.
    3. Facilitate a LEAD Session at Theta Kappa or locally – go to: http://sigmanugsu.celect.org/help-with-lead.
    4. Stay active on our website (www.SigmaNuGSU.com) and Facebook (Group: SigmaNuGSU).
    5. If you are in the Atlanta area consider joining ΣΝ's Atlanta Honorary Board. Your contribution there gets split with 75% to the ΘΚ Scholarship Account and 25% to the Educational Foundation. For more info click here.


    In the last 45 years over 800 men have experienced the Sigma Nu brotherhood at Theta Kappa! We have all become better men, made lifelong friends, improved our life skills, and become part of a bond that serves us well in all our life’s endeavors. The time has come to shape the future by fostering the Active Chapter’s continuing excellence in academics with scholarships and incentives and other means.


    You can leverage your gift and lessen the impact on your budget by using convenient monthly credit card charges or monthly bank draft debits. This will eliminate the expense and trouble of monthly bills, remittances, postage, and bother. If you prefer to make a one-time donation, that will be acceptable also. We suggest that you consider a donation of $1000 or more, but any amount is acceptable.


    To donate $1000 over a period of time here are some suggested options:

    • $84/month for 12 months
    • $42/month for 24 months
    • $28/month for 36 months
    • Considering Theta Kappa in your estate plan or insurance policies is also a great idea!


    The Sigma Nu Educational Foundation (SNEF) in Lexington is our foundation of choice. All donations/endowments benefit the Theta Kappa Chapter, but also our fraternity at large. We are focused on scholarship as our primary goal now, but that may change or diversify. A campaign is forthcoming, but if you are interested in doing something today I would recommend a conversation with SNEF staff - they will guide you through the process and look out for our welfare. The foundation can me contacted at: 540-463-1869 - Press 2 for the Foundation.


    • Brother Brad Hasting (ΘΠ, West Georgia), who many of you know, is the President of SNEF and will help you out or point you to one his staff members that can, so feel free to reach out to him.
    • Our site on the SNEF website is located at: Theta Kappa Educational Fund


    If you would like to donate via mail, please make your check payable to the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation, write “Theta Kappa Scholarship Fund” in the memo area and mail it to: Sigma Nu Fraternity – Theta Kappa Alumni Chapter, PO Box 1697, Statesboro, GA 30459-1697. We will process and send in batches to the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation.


    Please be generous – the cause is good, and the course is sure. Let us be true to our pledges of yesterday. Think about what Sigma Nu has meant to you and how this Scholarship Campaign is, for most of us, a once in a lifetime opportunity to give back to the chapter.


    Sigma Nu Epsilon Tau Tau!


    If you would like more information on the Theta Kappa Scholarship Account, giving to the Chapter or House, the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation, or have other questions, please fill out this form below or send a note to alumni@sigmanugsu.com and we will respond to you promptly.


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