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    Submit your news or what you have heard about an alumnus, collegian, or friend of the chapter. This includes births, deaths, marriages, or really anything of interest to our chapter. The news will be edited and published to our news page. Please note that if you have photos, PDFs, or video that you would like to include with your news you will need to log into the site first using your login and password.


    Everyone at Theta Kappa can submit news to the website and share it with your brothers. You must be logged in to submit. Submitted articles go briefly into a queue for review and then they are posted to the news pages. Don't feel like you need to write an elaborate article or polish it up, just submit and we will do that for you. To submit articles, photos, other media, or more lengthy articles you will need to login, upload the files, and submit - you can also email articles, photos, and media to


    We appreciate you sharing information on yourself, other members, and the Theta Kappa extended with others.


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    To submit news if you are logged in, please click here. If you are not logged in you will either need to submit via the form below or email to


  • Submit Alumni News


    Please provide a brief "write-up" or a news event about one of our alumni or collegians. We will review, edit, contact you if we have questions, and publish to the news page.