• No Glass or Bottles!


    NEW POLICY - No Glass or Bottles, so don't bring beer in bottles to the house, greek row, or to the stadium parking/tailgating areas! This is not actually a new policy - this is an old policy enforced - it is a matter of safety. Your compliance and adherence is requested. If you enjoy beer in bottle you need to leave them at home and buy it in cans. Violators will be asked to leave. There are exceptions, but beer bottles are not one of them.


    ALSO we ask if you consume that you do so out of non-transparent cups. A cup with a lid is even better. These are simple steps and requests to follow to reduce risk, ensure safety, decrease the overt presence of alcohol, and ensure compliance - you can still have a good time!


    Thank you for your compliance.


    The Theta Kappa Collegiate Chapter, House Corporation, Alumni Chapter, and

          Alumni Advisory Board




    No Glass or Bottles at Sigma Nu House or Tailgating Areas!