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    Read the "Road to the Rock" Newsletter - click on the image above. 


  • Road to the Rock


    If you order multiple shirts, please ensure your donation is commeasurate with the number you want.


    Thank you for your kind and worthy donation to help fund Theta Kappa’s 2014 Renaissance Pilgrimage to the Rock!

  • To pay Fees, Dues, Donate, or Give $100

    Click on the image above to make your payment for Fees, Alumni Dues, or Donations to the Theta Kappa Alumni Chapter and House Corporation - you will be sent to: https://e-giving.org/SigmaNuFraternity where you will see our familiar graphics and a trusted site. Once you register on our e-giving site you can come back as often as you want for additional items or you can establish recurring payments or payment plans as you decide.


  • Square Up Credit Card Reader


    We now take advantage of "Square Up" Mobile Credit Card readers, which allow us to capture Homecoming Fees, Alumni Dues, or donations to the Theta Kappa Alumni Chapter right on the spot. It goes directly into our Alumni Account that night with minimal fees, so it is a perfect tool. Alumnus Michael Reed, ΘΚ 654 (2004), was the first alumnus to pay the $100 alumni dues on the reader at our Atlanta Alumni Mixer on Tue., March 19th right at the table at the Hudson Grille!


    The traditional e-giving service that we use may be found at https://e-giving.org/SigmaNuFraternity is still our most cost effective means, but either method accomplishes the same goal and both are significantly less than traditional credit card machines.


  • Square Up Mobile Credit Card Reader

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